10 Tips How to Stand Out On an Online Dating Site

Online Dating Site

When you have to create a great profile on the latest online dating site, you’re tasked with one of the most challenging parts of online dating. How are you supposed to talk about yourself in a way that is engaging, entertaining, and honest, without sounding too narcissistic?

With these 10 tips, you can bet that your dating profile will get much better reception from your peers on the site.

1. Ask for help – Your friends know you pretty well, so naturally who else would be a great help with creating a good profile but them?

2. Avoid horrible dating site clichés – We don’t care if you like long walks on the beach, do not mention it on your profile. Why? Because everyone and their single brothers will say it! Instead, think of something that is unique about you and talks about that. The more unique you are, the better. Though, that doesn’t mean you should be a little creepy.

3. Mention sociable interests – People want to be able to picture themselves fitting into your life in any capacity. When you talk about hobbies that you do by yourself, like reading or finger painting, people think you’re antisocial. However, if you mention activities like hiking, fishing, golfing or anything else that can be done with others, you’re golden!

4. Pick action photos – When you want to look at photos, which grabs your attention more? Someone is smiling into the camera, or someone is jumping off a cliff into a beautiful lake? Probably the latter, right? This is because we like action shots much more than stagnant shots. We want to see you doing something! Show off your personality, your passions, your interests!

5. Always keep a positive outlook – Whenever you’re doing anything on an online dating site, it has to be positive. We all have been through some messy stuff in our lives, but you don’t have to wear that baggage on your sleeve. It is far from attractive; it’s downright abhorrent.

6. Be honest – Point blank, no one likes liars and lies always have a way of coming to light.

Online Dating vs Offline Dating

7. Always be specific – The only way you can let people see who you are and what you’re about is by being specific in your details. If you say you like to travel, mention where. If you like to cook, describe what kind of cuisine you enjoy cooking.

8. Update your profile regularly – Every few months, make a point to update your profile. Sometimes you may not have a lot to add, but everything counts.

9. Keep your grammar in check – Unfortunately, grammar and spelling are important when you’re trying to woo someone. When you know proper English and use it accordingly, you’ll get much further than if you use chat-speak and ebonics. Why? Because people don’t like struggling to try and decipher what you are saying.

10. Smile and say cheese – It shouldn’t be any surprise to you that when you are choosing photos, you should smile. Yes, while we did say choose an action shot, you will still want to have one or two photos of you smiling and looking approachable, happy, and friendly.

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