What are the Most Evident Women Arousal Signs?


How man can recognize woman arousal signs? Any man wants to know the answer to this question. After all, the arousal speaks about whether the girl is ready for further development of your relationships. Actually man can understand whether his preliminary actions are effective by many external signs. It’s important to know, that arousal is manifested at the psychological and physiological levels. Psychological often precedes physiology, although in some cases it happens otherwise.

When woman is aroused?

At our website ukraine-woman.net you have the opportunity to find the necessary answers. The first signs of arousal can be shown when woman look at her partner. And this can happen even in those moments when it is not a question of sexual overtones. The fantasy of a woman is able to give her a myriad of images, in the case if she really wants a man, even, for example, at a dinner in a restaurant. And be sure, if the woman has already built some plans about sex while eating food or innocent conversation, then the continuation of the date, most likely, promises to be stormy.

Behavioral signs of excitement include easy flirting, shooting with eyes, biting lips and subtle hints spoken by a representative of the weaker sex. Of course, you shouldn’t immediately make conclusions that she is incredibly excited and wants to drag you into bed. Perhaps she just likes to follow your reaction to her frankly defiant behavior.

What are woman arousal signs before the sex?

Intimacy, which already occurs in bed, is often divided into two stages: foreplay and sex itself. A man should arouse an impulse during the foreplay, so that to make sex for her comfortable and pleasant. It is proved that for woman, who did not receive a portion of tenderness before sex, is much harder to achieve orgasm. Women warm up much longer than men, so it is very important to give your beloved 10-15 minutes of your precious attention, treat her with a kind of dessert and only then go to the main dish.

What are they – genuine signs of woman sexual arousal? You can recognize these signs by genitals and nipples:

  • On the eve of sexual intercourse, nipples can swell.
  • Women's skin is covered with small pimples, as if she was frozen.
  • There is also a rush of blood in the area of the pelvic organs.

A man, caressing a woman, can feel that woman’s clitoris increases and the vulvar lips become wet. The increase in the clitoris is somewhat reminiscent of man’s erection. At this point, caress it very carefully, since this part of the female body is very sensitive. Abundant friction or strong pressure can provoke pain, so be careful, caressing the clitoris of the chosen one.

The skin of some women can also be covered with a pinch of blush, often it occurs in the area of the cheeks, chest and neck. There is a rapid breathing, heart rate rises, and the amount of natural lubrication increases, which signals that the woman is ready for a full sexual intercourse.

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How to identify woman’s orgasm?

A pure arousal is not enough, any sexual intercourse should end with a discharge. Female orgasm is a great mystery for men, some simply do not know how to distinguish between a simulation and real orgasm. However, here, as while the arousal, there are several basic signs:

  • A woman can bend toward her partner during an orgasm.
  • The internal muscles of woman’s vagina rhythmically contract.
  • After orgasm, a lady can fall in a dead faint in the arms of a loved one.
  • Sometimes women after orgasm become very sensitive to subsequent caresses, it can even irritate them, so if a woman pushes off a man, then most likely the orgasm has occurred.
  • Also at the peak of arousal, uncharacteristic moans or even screams can be wrung out, a pulsation in the lower abdomen is felt, and breathing and palpitation become more frequent.

Some women argue that all these manifestations can be simulated, but experienced men often unmistakably determine the orgasm by twinkles in her eyes and the contractions that take place inside her.

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